Thursday, March 22, 2007

Retro sewing book

I'm fascinated with sewing and textile.
Textures and colors, shapes, folds, I love every aspect of fabric.
As regards sewing, I have always found surprising that following the printed indications in a book you could end with a wearable garment ( at least some people do ).
I bought this old french sewing and cutting textbook on eBay.

It is a 1947 edition.
I love the cover design. It is so old fashioned.
The sub-title is delicious too: (rougly translated )
"all the necessary advices for the housewive to make her clothes, her childrens clothes and her husband linen."


taylor said...

C'est génial, est-ce qu'on apprend comment faire un patron ?

annaigart said...

Pas vraiment. Le livre explique comment tracer certains vêtements à partir des mesures des enfants, mais n'explique pas la notion de patron de base. Et les vêtements en question sont vraiment rétros!