Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bamboos finished ( I think )

Acrylic on canvas, 46*38 cm, 18*15 inches.
I have found the japanese name "Take No Oujo" which means, if the translator is right, "Princess of the Bamboos". I hope it does mean that.
Now I'm going to work on the second painting of this series, for the same show, a 80*100 cm, about 31*39 inches.


Marie-Laure said...

Magnifique.Vraiment...Une belle composition et les couleurs flashent! Ta dame est superbe et trés détaillée.
Bravo Annie! trés original!

The Epiphany Artist said...

you have beautiful colors in this!

annaigart said...

Merci beaucoup Marie-Laure!
Je vais vers des domaines nouveaux pour moi, et tes compliments m'encouragent.
Thank you Terri!

lila said...

I think you have done a masterful job here! I love bamboo and geishas. Your colors are rich and elegant and the texture makes it almost 3-dimesional.( I only wish I could keep seeing it while I write the would be easier!)

annaigart said...

Thank you, Lila!
I think it is an annoying thing with blogger, not to be able to see the images in the post you are commenting. When I find a blogger forum or wiki, I'll tell them.