Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Books : "Fanny: A Fiction, by Edmund White"

I once began two blogs, one dedicated to painting, the other to bits and odds, thinks I like and/or that inspire me.
I have decided that it is too difficult for me to have both blogs running, so in this blog there will be from time to time posts not relative to painting, at least not directly related as these other things do inspire my painting.

"Fanny: A Fiction" by Edmund White, is a work of literature that is very enjoyable to read.
It is written in an old-fashioned style which is consistent with its presentation as a memoir of Mrs Fanny Trollope, who is the mother of the novelist Anthony Trollope. I enjoyed reading "A Married Man", also by Edmund White, which told a rather somber story.
I spent an even better time reading "Fanny: A Fiction", a mock 19th century novel, full of wit and "esprit".

Many thanks to Nina Kuriloff whose help to edit and rewrite this post was very precious!

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