Friday, December 07, 2007

My First Show

I did my first own show!
Near the Town Hall of my town, there is an old house used for shows. I rented space there and put my paintings on the wall. It is a strange but exhilarating feeling to have all this space for oneself!
Morephotos to come.


Marie-Laure A said...

Alors?Alors? CETTE EXPO???
Comment s'est passé ce grand moment?
tu me diras?
j'avais envoyé ton invit à deux amies du chemin de ronde et demander de transmettre, j'espère qu'elles ont fait le déplacement!
je vais les interroger pour savoir et leur tirer les oreilles le cas échéant !

annaigart said...

Bonjour Marie-Laure!
On ne s'imagine pas comme c'est fatiguant, un show personnel! Heureusement, on était 2 et c'est beaucoup plus facile.
Merci pour la diffusion des invitations!

lila said...

Congratulations!!! Isn't it fun to see your beautiful work on display?!
I have a show hanging in our church's parish hall right now; hanging and sharing my work is a VERY GOOD feeling!

Merry Christmas, to you and yours!

annaigart said...

Thank you so much, Lila!
I hope your show went well.
I find it strange and fun at the same time. But totally worth the try.
I cannot really wish you a merry Christmas now, so it will be wishes to enjoy the springtime.

CAKUart said...

Keep up the good work. Well done on your first showing! Glad I stopped by for a look - I hope you stay inspired always! - strength and honour - CAKUart

annaigart said...

Thank you, CAKUart!

katherinemarie said...

What a fantastic experience... will you do another?

annaigart said...

Yes, it was.
I'm ambivalent for it is very tiring and I'm not sure I'm cut out to selling my own work. Maybe I'll try one more time before trying to find a gallery.