Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gourds 2 - Courges II

An acrylic from the show.
40cm * 50cm ( about 16*20 inches)


Suzanne said...

Hi! Thanks for being a good sport about the tagging and for adding all the tagged artists to your sidebar - that very generous! Did I say congratulations on your show? If not, Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed it.

laura said...

Hello, and thank you for adding a link to my blog on your sidebar--what a thoughtful thing to do; I will happily return the favor. I love your watercolors, and the gourds--beautiful colors, and the turban squash is espeiclly lovely, ethereal!

Marie-Laure A said...

J'aime toujours bcp tes mélanges de couleurs, et là ton fond légèrement ombré est trés sympa avec ces cucurbitacées!

annaigart said...

Hi Suzanne!
Thank you! Each of the artists of your list was a beautiful discovery for me.

Thank you Laura!

Merci Marie-Laure. J'aime bien peindre des courges, le problème c'est qu'elles ont tendance à moisir avant que j'ai fini mon tableau. Il doit faire trop chaud dans mon atelier.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Gorgeous Gourds!

annaigart said...

Thank you so much, Terri!