Saturday, May 05, 2007

A beautiful exhibition

Well, nearly a month without posting! Big ISP problems following a vacation... Murphy's Law is working well!
In the meantime I had the opportunity to visit the "Sargent-Sorolla" exhibition in Paris. (I'm linking to the Thyssen Museum site in which some of the paintings are different but the site is better organized that the Petit Palais site ) .Really impressive! I didn't know Sorolla, but Sargent is a big favorite of mine, with some of my favorite paintings included, especially Lady Agnew of Lochnaw.
The jssgallery is an extraordinary ressource on the web for Sargent.
Sorolla has some extraordinary paintings too. I prefer his outdoor scenes to his portraits, however.
It is really different to look at a painting in real life and to look at a reproduction in a book. I especially admired the fluid brushworks that cannot be seen in the reproductions.
By the way, they sold a beautiful exhition catalog:

Sargent et Soralla
49 euros
Editeur : Paris-Musées
Publication :15/2/2007
ISBN : 9782879009926
336 pages

Sometimes they are not very good, but this one is really interesting with a lot about the artists lifes.


Brigitte said...

Merci pour cette adresse fantastique sur Sargent. Cette expo du Grand Palais m'a , moi aussi, enthousiasmée et j'aimerai maintenant voir les Sargent de Boston! Je découvre votre blog par "lunettes rouges" et j'en suis ravie ainsi que de tous ces liens d'artistes que je ne connaissais pas!a A bientôt!

annaigart said...

Merci Brigitte!
Le travail de Natasha est effectivement fantastique.
J'aimerais aussi voir les Sargent de Boston et aussi ceux de Londres "en vrai" au moins une fois!
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Tate Gallery, London, England
A Vele Gonfie
Tate Gallery London
El Jaleo
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston
et tant d'autres...