Monday, July 03, 2006

Red Currant Study

A study of red currants from my garden, on A2 watercolor paper.
I have cut a small branch that I put in a glass of water and it seems to keep for several days. It may be a way to keep the berries from the birds, but I don't know whether they continue to mature when the branch has been cut.
I'd love to have enough berries to make a red currant tart.


The Epiphany Artist said...

I dont think I have ever had currents are they like raisins? Very pretty!

annaigart said...

Thank you Terri!
They are small berries, with a rather acid taste and quite a lot of seeds in them.
They are translucent, with a color going from pale rose for some subspecies to bright red for others and changing according to the fruit maturity. Interesting to paint.
More information on the plant here: